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Agriculture and Irrigation

Sugar, origin Brazil, 12 month contract

100,000mt – Contract delivery, incoterms 2016.

PRICE 1) USD $ 260.00 per metric ton SBLC MT760 as Guarantee.


1 to  200,000 metric tones.


12-month Contract (4 x 25,000 MT), starting to load 20-30 days, after receipt payment Instrument

to the Seller’s bank

Michael Patotschka
Düsseldorfer Straße 74
47051 Duisburg

Phone +49 173 7692688
E-Mail   mpts@gmx.net


Ethiopia plants more than 350 million trees in one day

Ethiopia has set a new tree plant record: More than 350 million trees were planted in the drought-stricken country on Monday. This was announced by the country’s Minister of Agriculture, Umer Husen, on Tuesday. The seedlings were planted in more than 1000 locations across the country by initiatives, individuals and government officials, the British BBC reported. Ethiopia is convinced that this is a new world record.

With this action the country wants to take action against the deforestation of forests and prevent deserts from spreading. As part of the Ethiopian government’s “Green Legacy Initiative” under Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, a total of four billion trees are to be planted in the coming weeks.

Source: BBC