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Silica (SiO2) – powder, 650,00 EUR per metric ton



Silica is the name for a refractory ceramic construction material consisting of SiO2. Nowadays, the use is largely limited to the vaulted brick lining of glass tanks and the latticework of blast heaters in blast furnaces. The material is of particular interest to materials engineers, glass and steel manufacturers.


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Weight 1000 kg

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  3. BobbyBes

    As a non-toxic substance, it is present in pharmaceutical articles as well as cosmetic products, is used in food processes (e.g. beer clarification) and as a cleaning aid in toothpaste. Silica is also used in organic farming, where it is mixed with grain in the form of a fine powder to prevent grain weevil infestation. In terms of quantity, the main applications include use as a filler for plastics and sealants, especially in rubber articles. Car tires benefit from the reinforcement provided by a special SiO2 system.

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