Nigeria, strongest economy besides South Africa

Nigeria is the most important economic power in Africa besides South Africa. Nigeria has been producing oil for more than 50 years, yet a large part of the population lives in oppressive poverty. The consequences of oil production for the environment are catastrophic in the Niger Delta. Africa’s most populous country is dynamic, diverse, but also rich in conflict. These are often carried out along ethnic and religious dividing lines. Current articles on Nigeria can be found here.

Source:, 2019


Sugar, origin Brazil, 12 month contract

100,000mt – Contract delivery, incoterms 2016.

PRICE 1) USD $ 260.00 per metric ton SBLC MT760 as Guarantee.


1 to  200,000 metric tones.


12-month Contract (4 x 25,000 MT), starting to load 20-30 days, after receipt payment Instrument

to the Seller’s bank

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47051 Duisburg

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