We are Earth Development, a Moroccan Company working on sustainable construction, design, renewable energy and environment. We are the owner of the project of an eco-village (Ecocity) spread over 44 hectares in the province of Haouz (Located 53 km from the city of Marrakech which will house the COP 22 in November 2016 and about 130 km from Green City of Ben Guerir) and designed around four parts respecting the principles of sustainable development: the traditional habitat and the farm, collective housing, medinal houses and a theme park with a hotel complex, a hospital, an institute of training and information, children’s playground, fitness center and thalassotherapy.
Plans are approved and construction permits are acquired.
Earth Development is initiating other projects as bigger as the eco-village on the Atlantic Coast.
Our buildings use local ecomaterial as soil and stone, green spaces are preserved and energy supply is based on renewable energy (solar water heaters, solar PV power plant connected to the grid or off grid, solar pumps, solar street lights, sewage treatment plant ….).
Our group brings together client, architects, engineers and designers working on several ideas aimed to improve the esthetics of solar thermal and PV equipment to better facilitate their integration in the framework of our project.
The project involves the setting up about 10,000 m2 of solar water heaters, more than two MW of photovoltaic including public lighting, one or more purification station …., which shows the size and the importance of this project in terms of energy and environment.
It is in this context that we address you to jointly explore the possibilities and modalities of a partnership in order to accompany us to achieve this integrated project and to develop a market exceeding all competition and providing the foundation for business in the short, medium and long term.
We would also like to present this project to the COP 22 because it is an eligible project for its environmental dimensions.
To know more about our projects, you can visit our web site:
At the same time, we are ready to invite you at our office in Marrakech – Morocco to present our projects in detail and visit the sites as we move to your office to discuss a possible partnership of cooperation.

Waiting for your feedback,
Sincerely yours.

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