Mozambique’s local tobacco and energy industry

Dear Sir or Madame,

as a part of a project together with the companies “GP-Joule” from Reußenkönige and “Reinstein” from Langenhorn, I am researching about Mozambique and it’s local tobacco and power industry.
As we all know the drying of the tobacco leafs is done with wooden fires. For this process, there is a lot of forest chopped off. That’s a big problem regarding to climate change and sustainability of forests in Mozambique.
We thought about a solution to use renewable energy for drying the tobacco leafs, so the trees aren’t chopped down anymore.
For this project we have to know whether there are regulations of entering the tobacco marked or selling energies and machines to local farmers.
Also, if you’d got a contact, who has got knowledge about the energy sector in Mozambique or the tobacco sector please let me know.

best wishes and regards!


Henrik Brammer